• "En Plein Air on the Harbor" 4.0

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    Sunsetting in Padanaram Harbor August 1st 2019 . The harbor incredibly still with the water reflecting a beautiful sunset . It can be best described as En plein air of a watercolor happening directly on the water . Padanaram voted best Harbor 2019.



    The name “Padanaram” came from a prominent early resident named Laban Thatcher, who identified with the Biblical figure Laban who resided in Paddan Aram in Mesopotamia. The village eventually adopted this new name, and dropped its earlier Wampanoag name, “Ponagansett.” Paddan Aram or Padan-aram was an early Aramean kingdom in Mesopotamia. Paddan Aram in Aramaic means the field of Aram. The name may correspond to the Hebrew “sedeh Aram,” or “field of Aram.”