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                               Holbrook PreK-12 School

The school was built in a single phase, reducing disruption to students during construction, and satisfying 21st-century learning goals. The total site area encompasses about 37 acres and contains a new football/soccer field with running track, a new baseball field and a new softball field.
Grades PreK to 5 are completely separated from grades 6 to 12. Each section of the school has its own entrance, administration, and facilities. Program elements include two cafeterias, a 320-seat auditorium, two larger gymnasiums, general classrooms, teacher development spaces, two media centers, and science labs that conform to 21st-century education standards. Also included are dedicated spaces for art, music, band, computer labs, special education, and a STEAM commons to enhance the learning process by thinking creatively.

General Contractor: Consigli Construction
Architect: Flansburgh and Tavares Design Associates


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